Speedy Results of a Raid



Mina, Michelle and Cindy are waiting to see how their plates turned out so I’ll show them to you as well. I just managed to get all the finished work into the glaze firing, along with everything that I had ready to go and a couple of plates which didn’t make it into my previous glaze firing, painted by Philippe Raphanel and Elizabeth Zvonar. The latter two have had to wait for several weeks for theirs.










Tomorrow I plan to go in to Vancouver, to Granville Island, to deliver my work to the Gallery of BC Ceramics and to Circle Craft Co-op. Eric is just getting back from a trip to Europe for Documenta and Venice Biennale, today, so I won’t take the plates to the Western Front. Raiders, I’ll be leaving them with Mina. Check with her for where to go to collect your work.


Michelle Normoyle is thoroughly enjoying trying out various ideas for plates. I think she’ll like her large platter with pale green, a spotty plate and a yellow one, and a pineapple on a pink dish intended as a gift.


commercial ware, painted by us

undersides of little dishes






She also brought some bisque-fired but unglazed dishes and a little vase, from Italy, which had been used as window display props. I agreed that my guests could paint them with underglazes, so all four of us tried them out. I guessed that they were earthenware so took the risk of using my new clear glaze on them. Lo and behold, they’re just fine so I think she may bring some other pieces out here to play with.

Michelle’s plate with a now matching vase




Philippe’s final plate in a series is just as colourful and surprising as his others from the previous firing. His layering of underglazes and wax resist is risky but the finished effect is smooth enough.


Elizabeth Zvonar will be pleased with her solo coupe. There is much more detail in this one than on her previous ones.




Cindy Richmond painted a large platter with soft, subtle grey shapes. It will be most pleasing and practical with food served on it. The somewhat smaller dish is also quiet, with a decoration of pink drips. Her orange and red coupe is bolder.


















And Mina has painted two more of the square, electric frying-pan plates – and wants some more to make a set! and she ended her day by painting a little triangular dish. 

















I’ll post a separate blog to show my new yunomis and mugs next.

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