Summer Flock

Red-breasted Sapsucker

On the morning after we returned from an eventful holiday on Vancouver Island I happily unloaded the latest glaze firing. For once the kiln contained only my work!

Teal jugbird with orange bill








Now most of these new jugbirds have been delivered to Granville Island, to Circle Craft Co-op where I had NONE left, and to the Gallery of BC Ceramics. I’ll post photos of them all here – partly for my own records but also so that others can make suggestions for other birds that I might design.

Big Green jugbird with yellow bill

Bluebeard jugbird








Pileated Woodpecker

Baltimore Oriole Jugbird

Northern Flickers


Bald Eagles


Rufous-sided Towhees


American Robin

Belted Kingfisher










Blue Bird







Scarlet Macaw











The wordpress system will muddle them up so I’ve captioned them all. And somewhere in the group you’ll see one square plate. I decided to use coloured slips that almost match the new colours we had painted on our house in June, and then did a little sgraffito to reveal the terra cotta colour underneath. The underside is rich terra sigillata rather than glaze. 



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