August Plates


The latest plates are now out of the kiln and photographed. The glaze has behaved itself and the latest four Raiders can now see how their designs worked out. I think they should be pleased.










Eric’s two plates are a continuation of his design explorations but the palette remains the same. He is interested in balancing the importance of each colour and angular pattern. At the moment he is much more focused on his upcoming solo show in September and I think regarded the Raiding day as a relaxation from that. I am looking forward to seeing what he has planned for West Vancouver but things are rather secret so far.











Pierre, as he explained, used his first Raid as a chance to experiment with methods of application. There’s lots to learn from the four plates now that they’re fired.

PC (red clay)











Renee’s big platter shows her usual control of opacity and shading in the underglazes, and the result is a mysterious abstract collage.


















Marlene will be glad that her large platter is fired at last – in time to serve summer treats in their season, with the ice cream truck there to remind us to take advantage of the remaining sunshine in Vancouver.


See you all soon Raiders! This evening I’ve thrown a big circular form for the round plates some of you have requested.


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