Bird Vessels, a Conure and Culture Days


Two Towhees in Trees Pedestal Vessel
10 ¼” tall x 9 ½” wide x 7”

Now that the latest firing is done I needed to get some of the work packed up. The three vessels intended for Victoria’s Alcheringa Gallery were carefully wrapped in paper and bubble wrap and secured in a box with a handle. Wednesday morning saw me braving the 2nd Narrows bridge to meet up with Robert, who has taken said box on to the sea-bus, sky train, buses and the ferry over to his home in Victoria. I feel so much better having a friend do the transportation rather than the post office or Greyhound if possible. I am very grateful Robert.

Green Bird Vessel
8 ½” tall x 12” long x 7”




The ‘Vessels’ show doesn’t open for another three weeks or so but the gallery needed the work by October 1st. I can’t believe I got it done! Now I wonder how my ceramic pieces will get along with other types of containers. I still have a moment of sadness when I pack a piece away, possibly never to see it again.

‘Turquoise Bird with Red Bill’ Vessel





There was one custom bird mug order in this firing, a ‘Green-cheeked Conure’. Here is what a Conure looks like, and here is my interpretation of it as a mug. Nice colours! Thanks for the order Karen in Kamloops, and I hope your friend enjoys the replica of her pet. Karen was in one of my early wheel-throwing classes at Place des Arts back in the eighties!

Green-cheeked Conure

Conure mug



Now that those pots are on their way I have put aside some jugbirds to take over to Cambridge next week and have spent today clearing up my studio. ‘The general public’ will be here for ‘Culture Days’, visiting us, the TriCity Potters, to see demonstrations of clay working. Several members will be showing hand-building and decorating techniques, some will show how they throw pots on my wheel and some members will offer clay experience for children. I hope to explain how I use my pottery equipment, including the wheel, the slab-roller, the extruder and my umpteen jars of coloured slips. We can also show the kiln and our photo-taking set-up.

I’ve cleared off some tables so that we can display finished pieces, and although the weekend events are intended as participatory art experiences, or at least demonstrations to observe, work can be purchased. If it doesn’t rain too hard we will encourage folks to take a walk around the garden and discover ceramic surprises out there too. We are looking forward to welcoming clay friends and interested people generally for two days of clay conversation.

Even though I’ve shipped some pots away and have reserved some British birds for Primavera, there are some of my newest creations for you to see here.


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