Birds flying Air Canada

English Green Woodpecker

Great Tit


Once again I have packed jugbirds into a smaller-than-carry-on-size box ready to take to the airport with me tomorrow. I think the allowable size is now smaller so some will have to go in my hand-bag too. Good thing I only want a book and passport besides them.








While I am travelling to Cambridge, Berlin briefly, London and Salisbury – all to visit family members, I won’t be able to blog. So I’d like to post photos of the nine jugbirds I’ve chosen to take over to Primavera Gallery, on King’s Parade, Cambridge. Some of these were made prior to my latest firing. They are English birds. And I’ve decided to let Jeremy have some of my non-specific birds this time, as well as one of the new soda-fired jugbirds. I am happy that he would like some again, from this long-departed-from-England potter.

Spotted Towhee, a favourite BC bird

English Goldfinch








Even though I can’t blog for the next few days there’s nothing to stop me from taking photos and sharing them on Facebook and Instagram. So watch those spaces!

Soda-fired jugbird

Bluebeard jugbird

Turquoise jugbird



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