Messums Wiltshire Sculpture and pots

Outside the vast barn that is Messums Wiltshire there are sculptures displayed, waiting for collectors. Our first encounter was with ceramic artist, sculptor and painter Sandy Brown’s ‘Temple’. Commissioned by Chatsworth House two years ago it now enjoys a prominent home by this gallery’s entrance.

The tile-covered house has one door and coloured glass circular windows in the domed ceiling. Flamboyantly painted, the space is intended for quiet contemplation. Beside it there are other forms, similarly covered in painted curved tiles.





Inside we found a large square plate, proffering flapjacks for visitors, and a pedestal bowl which had been in the earlier ceramics show this year. For more information on Sandy Brown’s work check here:

Sandy Brown Tureen 3
3,000. ex VAT








Outside again, we found ‘Crescent Birds’, a bronze sculpture by Bridget McCrum.

Bridget McCrum
Crescent Birds

I’m sure that visitors will find an ever-changing selection of sculptures here as time goes on. This is still the gallery’s first year. As we left I realized I hadn’t photographed the biggest sculpture, a huge horse’s head, nibbling at the grass. See it on their website.


wares in the shop









In the Long Gallery we found some interesting pots so I’ll just add their photos here, with captions.

Nicolas Homoky
Elliptical Porcelain Vase
1,485. ex VAT


Edmund de Waal
Porcelain Cylinder Vase
2,850. ex VAT

Stephanie Buttle

Ying Sheung Wong
Ceramic plates
195.each ex VAT


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